BCM Happenings: Feb/Mar 2014


Hey BCM Family!
Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming for BCM in February and March:

Sunday Night Live
Date: March 2
Theme: When In Drought, Pray For Rain (#thedroughtisreal)
For more details, contact Ashley Cooke.

Mark Study (Wednesdays, 4-6pm, 106 Wheeler): contact Erica Vilay
Mark study begins this Wednesday, February 19! Here’s your chance to join an in-depth, communal bible study of the book of Mark, one of the biographies of Jesus in the Bible. Along with students from InterVarsity’s other sister communities, you will be led in a process that will help you to understand the original context of the scripture, and put you in the shoes of the original audience to best understand what the author originally intended to say. Ultimately, the goal is to find truths about ourselves and about God in order to apply them to our lives.

Discipleship After Campus (DAC, March 14-15, San Francisco): contact Michael Kim-Eubanks
Seniors, this is for you! This will be a weekend filled with spiritual and practical guidance on how to enter the next phase of your lives as college graduates. You will receive valuable training, as well as insight on how God wants you to participate in what he’s doing beyond the college campus: in your workplace, in your friendships, and in your church.

Sacramento Urban Plunge (March 21-27):
Join students from Cal, San Francisco State, and UC Merced and invest a week of your life in learning more about God’s heart for you, the city, the world, and for those with whom God has a special relationship. This is a hands-on, experiential week where you get to rub shoulders with all kinds of people and learn so much about what God’s Kingdom is meant to be. It is a profound week that is sure to influence your time as a student and beyond.

Bay Area Urban Project (BayUP – June 19 to August 1): https://sites.google.com/site/bayareaurbanproject/
Over the course of six weeks, students live, learn, and work in the city of Oakland. In addition to 100 hours of service learning with local grassroots agencies, students participate in intensive weekly seminars/training – learning, praying, analyzing, and influencing systems through our Christian lens. Students are equipped to engage the brokenness of the systems on a personal, interpersonal, and systemic level. The application deadline is April 4.